Our FInish is your start

An opportunity for developing new business applications for agri-food, logistics, transport and manufacturing

FInish is a FIWARE Accelerator, marking the last phase of the Future Internet Programme. The FInish Accelerator is currently funding 31 projects realizating intelligent systems – especially software applications – for supply chains of perishable food and flowers. They represent new ways of facilitating seamless business-to-business collaboration in complex supply chains and networks.

How is the FInish Accelerator doing this?

Besides mentoring, consulting and networking is the FInish Accelerator providing up to € 150.000 funding for small and medium sized enterprises, web-entrepreneurs as well as start-ups which are developing new and innovative collaboration applications. To speed up the developement of their solutions they are using FIWARE technologies and/or building up on the FIspace SaaS-platform.

What is FIWARE?

FInish Accelerator is using FIWARE - Open APIs for open peopleFIWARE is an innovative, cloud-based infrastructure for cost-effective creation and delivery of Future Internet applications and services. The development is driven by an Open Source reference specification, which is public and royalty-free. Base on this exists a series of elements – so called Generic Enablers – which offer reusable and commonly shared functions serving multiple areas of use across various sectors. They are all providing powerful but user-friendly APIs for the quick development of new smart applications. A central catalogue of ready-to-use FIWARE components is available on http://catalogue.fiware.org. Furthermore there is the FIWARE Lab which offers free virtual machines and space to test the differen FIWARE GEs.

What is FIspace?

FInish Accelerator is promoting the usage of FIspaceFIspace is an extensible SaaS-platform facilitating multi-domain business-to-business collaboration. It is enabling a seamless collaboration in open, cross-organizational and multi-national business networks. FIspace is achieving this by allowing small, reusable software components to be easily combined to complex solutions without creating big monolithic software solutions. Build on top of FIWARE GEs FIspace is providing developers with plenty of components (like an extensive security, privacy and trust framework or “connectors” for legacy systems, Internet-of-Things and 3rd party services). Further information is available on www.fispace.eu.

What is the motivation of the FInish Accelerator?

The supply of fresh food products to healthily feed Europe is of vital importance. But food products and other perishables such as flowers impose very challenging demands on the management of its supply chains. Due to high perishability, quality conditions have to be controlled from farm to fork. On the other hand is a transparent documentation of supply chains complicated and time consuming. Furthermore supply chains have to deal with unpredictable variations in quality and quantity of supply. Therefore planning, control, and processing systems consequently need to be extremely flexible, while simultaneously enabling early warning and preventative control. To fund solutions addressing this problems and successfully bringing them into the market is one of the main objectives of the FInish Accelerator.

What next?

The finalist of the Net Futures 2015 FIWARE Challenge in Brussels organized by the FInish AcceleratorAdditionally is the FInish Accelerator organizing challenges for software developers, like the Net Futures 2015 FIWARE Challenge in Brussels, and the FInish ECFI Challenge at the ECFI in Hamburg. To stay up to date register for our newsletter or have a look at our event calendar. There you will find also a list of events, where you can have a more detailed look at the developed software solutions in the scope of the FInish Accelerator.