OrganicNet – the online social marketplace connecting organic food producers and consumers locally

OrganicNet-logoEton Digital is a well established Serbian web design and development agency, specialized in developing social networks, collaboration and knowledge sharing platforms and enterprise e-commerce applications.

The company had designed and developed dozens of platforms in different industries, such as sports, recruitment, photography, travel industry, and more, some of which have reached over 1 million users in the period of just one year.

The company participated in the Finish call with OrganicNet project.

The team behind OrganiNet has a know-how and capacity to build a complex platform that OrganicNet is.


Can you tell us something about OrganicNet?

Organic agriculture is the key to feeding the world sustainably, yet, it’s not easy to find locally grown organic food, trusted buyers and producers or opportunities to display your organic products. Can we connect organic food lovers with producers? Yes, we can.

OrganicNet is an online social marketplace and a knowledge sharing platform that connects organic food producers and consumers locally.

As a social marketplace, the platform uses geolocation to offer organic foods and list nearby organic food producers.

As a knowledge sharing platform, OrganicNet is for anyone interested in starting or improving their business as they can ask and answer questions about any aspect of organic agriculture, share best practice, connect and network, and access to aggregated information from relevant sources.


What are the benefits for your customers?

OrganicNet is about creating opportunities for consumers to easily and quickly find fresh, home grown organic food in their neighborhood and wider, and for organic food producers to offer their products, reach their buyers, promote and improve their business, and boost local economy by creating more employment opportunities and accelerating business development.

Once the consumers add their current location, OrganicNet offers a list of products and trusted producers in the neighborhood and wider. The platform provides a direct communication between consumers and producers. An established rating system creates an opportunity for them to build trust and real connections, allowing users to rate and review each other, and organic food producers to build their own reputation.

Organic food producers can create their online personal stores, add as many products as they want, describe the products and the production method in details, choose the delivery option and submit certificates to confirm the quality of their produce.

Moreover, producers have an opportunity to offer their expertise and services and rent their fleet of agricultural machinery to other producers.

OrganicNet also gives an opportunity for the certification bodies to promote their services by creating a profile that includes information about the company, contact information, rating, reviews and recommendations from producers.


Why is OrganicNet different?

The idea to build OrganicNet is a result of the growing need to raise awareness about the food we eat, the way the food is produced and how.

The importance of a healthy nutrition and lifestyle is evident, and, as more people are interested in starting their organic food business, the need to provide them the means and opportunities is crucial.

By connecting producers with consumers, OrganicNet becomes an innovative and cutting-edge communication channel in the organic food market, contributing to an overall healthier nutrition of the population and making the organic and locally grown food more accessible.


How is your experience with FIWARE?

Symfony 2 application is a core layer of the platform that relies on four FIWARE GE’s which are responsible for the most important parts of the OrganicNet: Identity management GE, POI Data Provider GE, Marketplace GE.

Identity management GE is implemented with OrganicNet Symfony2 Core using HWIOAuthBundle. It is excellent solution for implementing OAuth client for Symfony2. Supports both OAuth1.0a and OAuth2. For development server testing environment we are using FIWARE instance of Idm, and for staging and production we installed our own instance.

Marketplace GE is responsible for rating and reviewing ordering process between consumer and producer in a way that both consumers and producers are able to star rate different aspects of ordering process such as food quality, communication with producer/consumer etc. or leave a textual review about their experience on OrganicNet for specific order.

OrganicNet Symfony service for POI’s is used to facilitate communication with Fiware POI data provider GE. Every product on the OrganicNet is stored as a POI on POI DP by location of related stand/producer. Symfony POI service is responsible for storing all these POI’s to POI Data Provider. POI DP search component is used for radial search for POIs by consumers.

The overall experience with FIWARE was positive although the biggest challenge was the lack of structured help.


What is the future of OrganicNet?

Initially available in Serbian and English, we plan to make OrganicNet available in German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian. Organic agriculture is an environmentally friendly and rational response to traditional agriculture and we need to find the best way to enhance, empower and promote it, creating opportunities for producers to accelerate the business development in the organic food industry.

Our dream is to revolutionize the organic food agriculture and stimulate the production and consumption of healthy organic food, worldwide. We want to create a communication platform for all interested in developing and starting a business within organic industry.