CoopLog – making ecommerce for wholesale markets easy

GFGGFG Avantgarde mbH is a software development and application management company creating solutions for company from the flower sector, with many experience in creating customized software solutions on the desktop, web or mobile. It was established in 2001 and is located in Sankt Augustin (Germany).

The idea of the project within FInish is that the main benefit is the connection to other projects and ease of installation in local or cloud environment. FInish offers a lot of easy to use features to the project. For them it is the central authentication role and the use of existing generic enables, like the Comples Evnet Processing (CEP) to organize the processes or the SpagoBI for reporting and visualization.  Their customer can use the solution in the FInish Environment like the WireCloud to integrate their product as part of their business processes, to use the data from other solutions in their product and in re-using their produced data in other solutions.

How did you come up with the idea for COOPLOG project?

Our customer BGM Dortmund is a flower wholesaler. The company is a conclusion of flower producers. The CEO of BGM told us his problem to get an offer for the customers with all articles from the cooperatives. The cooperatives using their own ERP systems and the wholesale has no possibility to get the daily offer from the producer. The idea is that the associated simply provide its available goods to the wholesale. An offer for a web shop is created and the orders back to the distributed partners.


How did you find your business partner?

For more than 10 years, we have been in connection with our business partners. We know their operational processes and the associated problems. The business partner BGM Dortmund has brought us to the idea of our solution. Danner is a big producer on the wholesale. It has the problem of the daily changing of fresh goods. Both business partners using our ERP solution. The other associated from the wholesale are interested in the solution. We got some advice to include in our solution for better using by people with less technical understanding.


For which purpose are you using FIWARE?

We are using the FIWARE GEs for standard function. The GE KeyRock is an easy to use identity management and it create a simple Single-Sign-On system for our project. Another big GE is the Complex Event Processing (CEP) we are using it for many parts of our solution. Our Apps are used by different person on unequal times. All processed are concluded by CEP to a single event for the next business process. The SpagoBI is not using yet, but we plan to use it for reporting and visualization.

Our solution is developed in JavaScript with Node.js . The restful JSON APIs of the GEs are easy to implement. Some GEs have very detailed documentations and great videos for using it. Some documentation are to short or not up to date to use it with the GEs, but the community is very helpful.

We are also using FIspace. The authentication feature make us easy to start with the project, because we do not need to implement a user and role administration environment. With the wirecloud GE we got an simply user interface for interacting the other tools, for example showing orders on a map. And with the Lab it is easier to create a development and testing environment.


Where do you see the COOPLOG project over the next years?

Our business partners are from the flower sector. We want release our product for the fruit sector, too. In this sector we  detected a big gap for software based trading. In Germany there are a lot of wholesale markets organized in a cooperative of producers. Our system is based on a key – value structure for product information. The keys not fixed, so each wholesale can define an own keyset. The key – value structure enable the possibility of easy translation to different languages. All this features allow us to interact with wholesale markets in whole Europe. Our destination for the year 2016 is to acquire 3 more wholesales from the flower sector and 2 wholesale from the fruit sector. To 2019 the plan to reach 75 customers only from the fruit sector in Germany, maybe some from the neighbouring countries. In 2020 the want to release our CoopLog – Solution in whole Europe. Our Target for this year is to have 50 installation in other countries.