Foooder, the Fine Food Finder of GrowAbric

Foooder LOGOICONGrowAbric is an international knowledge broker applying design thinking for app development. GrowAbric take a holistic approach on the whole concept of innovation, development and problem solving. In a nutshell, through lean thinking they create and optimize synergies within a specific context.


What is the innovative aspect of the FOOODER project?

We want to make the art of fine food product discovery easier by developing a mobile app, called FOOODER (the fine food finder) that will revolutionize the way you discover fine food products forever. Do you call yourself a ‘foodie’? FOOODER will be the best friend of your inner foodie. You discover fine food products based on your location. You swipe right to “like”, left to “dislike”. FOOODER remembers your choices and notifies you when the liked fine food products are for sale nearby. Et voilà!

FOOODER works because of the card-swipping interface. It offers only one fine food product at a time. You either “like” or you “dislike”. The user friendly interface makes it very simple to discover and make choices. You can do it one handed. It’s all in the thumb. Instead of browsing endless lists for the hidden perfect piece of data card-swiping interface turns fine food product discovery a highly engaging game.


Which FIWARE GEs are you using and how is your experience with FIWARE so fare?

We are using the following GE’s : Identity Manager; Object Storage; and the Orion Context Broker. At the FIWARE developers week last year in April in Brussels, it was clear that FIWARE has a lot of potential, yet is still in its infancy. That being said, we decided to select some more mature GE’s and are in particular looking forward to explore the possibilities of the Orion Context Broker.

While new, we are lucky to have a vibrant FIWARE community in Belgium! These get-togethers are valueable both from a technical as a business perspective. As we get to know peers with very innovative ideas and technical skills. The interaction creates a very interesting synergy.

The backend of Foooder is programmed using PhP programming language. In addition we have chosen android as our key platform for the initial launch of the mobile app.


 Where will your application in the year 2020?

By 2020 we hope that Foooder is active on every continent and that everybody who has any affinity with food has the app on his or her smartphone.

You can find out more about Foooder here.