AGRENIO, an app for crop fertilization from MATRIX Information Technologies

MATRIX Information Technologies is an SMAgrenio_logoE from Northern Greece. Their vision is to constantly offer software products incorporating advanced technologies & reliable and quality services in the Agriculture. The project that they are working on within FInish is the AGRENIO Fertilization. The app gives advice and suggestions about fertilization for each crop. It uses recent soil analysis, plant tissues, analysis of nitrates in water and simple visual observations in crop. Calculations are based on an input-output model. For each crop, an annual fertilization plan is created and the farmer has access at any time. Furthermore, at the appropriate periods for fertilization, a message is sent to the farmer. The farmer has to input each fertilization application.

The AGRENIO app also includes the AGRENIO Irrigation part that gives daily advice and suggestions for each crop about irrigation: if watering is needed and what is the necessary amount. The application uses meteorological data, soil parameters, the crop type and the irrigation system. The daily suggestion for each crop is simple and the farmer can view it from within the app, where he has to input each watering amount. Also, the processed results of meteorological data from local weather station are coming directly through the application to the user. The app also gives a weather forecast for 3-5 days in order the farmer to be able to plan the work in the field.

The app as a whole is aimed at farmers: small, medium or bigger farmers can take advantage of the app.


Benefits for the farmer of using the AGRENIO app

  • Cost savings
  • Reduction of requirements for water, fertilizers, pesticides and energy
  • Reduction of the environmental footprint and pollution from agriculture
  • Improvement of the organoleptic and nutritional quality of products
  • Improvement of the implementation of crop integrated management

The innovative aspect of the project is the combination of the irrigation and fertilization which are the core cultivation processes.


Origins of the project

The founder of MATRIX was born within a farm in Greece and she was working from very early age to her family’s farm. After the University she was working at the ICT sector, but all the time she was very close to farmers, especially to those from the Central Greece. Central Greece is the biggest cultivation area in Greece. The idea for the project was matured the past few years. Simultaneously the the related technologies reached a mature leven, and it is now an economic solution that is easy for the farmers to use.  With AGRENIO, the company wantw to help farmers to cultivate better quality products for us and our children with rational use of water and fertilizers. They want to help farmers to leave to the new generation a better environment.


Working with the business partner

The people behind AGRENIO knew the business partners they work with now since childhood. They discussed the solution many times at the past few years and prepared the proposed solution together with their partners. They also had similar discussions with other farmers from other regions of Greece, and came to the conclusion that the AGRENIO solution is the best for them at this time. Their partners – farmers want to take advantage from Precision Agriculture techniques but they can’t do the calculations needed every day, and of course, they don’t want very complicated solutions. They prefer an easy to use app with the basic features that they can use everywhere instead of a solution with many features for their first steps from traditional cultivation methods to Precision Agriculture methods. As it passes, and users will be familiar with the app, the company will add new features to it. Their relation with business partners comes from the past and has a future.

FIWARE experience

For AGRENIO, following Generic Enablers of FIWARE were used:

  • Authorization PDP (AuthZForce) to integrate the project via the FIWARE interface
  • BigData Analysis (Cosmos) to accommodate the updated data models needed for the application
  • Complex Event Pro-cessing (CEP) to accommodate the data models needed for the application
  • Data Visualization SpagoBI for the Users to view charts from within the client application environment based on their analysis data entries.
  • Gateway Data Handling GE – EspR4FastData     GE is integrated to the backend where user analysis data are registered as contexts and are updated and queried as required
  • Identity Management  KeyRock to integrate the project via the fiware interface
  • PEP Proxy – Wilma is used as the entry point for the user login process to the FIWARE cloud services.
  • POI Data Provider to accommodate the updated data models needed for the  application
  • Publish/Subscribe Context Broker Orion to accommodate the data models needed for the  application


Expanding into Europe

The company envisions that AGRENIA will be used by many farmers from Southern Europe, around the Mediterranean Sea and other regions with similar agriculture conditions. They imagine that their app will include more cultivation processes like pest control, harvesting and more, following the new findings from Precision Agriculture over the next years.