And the FInish Future Award goes to… Tsenso, Purveyance and Sur+

The FInish Future Award was awarded equally to Tsenso, Purveyance and Sur+ for their ideas and performance in the FInish project. The Future Award was given in cooperation by the German Fruit Trade Association (DFHV e.V.) and Euro Pool System Germany.


From left to right: Dieter Krauß, President of the german Fruit Trade Association (DFHV e.V.), Matthias Brunner (Tsenso), Philippe Rol (Sur+), Gerald Eva (Purveyance), Dr. Kurt Jäger and Dr. Robert Reiche (both Euro Pool System International).

The Fruit Logistica Challenge was announced in the summer of 2015, searching for the best pitch and exposé of the companies within the FInish project. The jury including Dr. Jäger and Mr. Krauß selected in the end not only the best pitch and exposé, but also in their opinion the most promising teams for the fruit and vegetable sector knowing that we have much more excellent teams as well. For all three it was the second selection in the last 6 months. Already at the EU Fresh Info, the IT spin-off of Fruit Logistica, the projects had been selected by a Jury together with 5 other projects to present their application in Rotterdam.

The Finish project organised an award ceremony on Fruit Logistica’s Tech Stage, a dedicated stage for technology innovations – an ideal place for our teams. After Robert Reiche introduced the FInish project, the awards were handed over by Mr. Krauß and Dr. Jäger with a short explanation why the team had been selected. All three teams  also had a short slot in which they presented their solutions to the audience. This was an excellent opportunity, which also created interest of the major sector-related media portals such as and with a combined reach of 150.000 unique visitors per month. A video of the full event was recorded and will be made available soon.