Announcing the winners of the FInish Italy Challenge

The “Finish Italy Challenge”, which promoted the usage of FIWARE technologies in the domain of agri-food related solutions, has selected four teams to continue developing their solution with FIWARE. The challenge was open to SMEs, startups and web-entrepreneurs that would make use of the FIWARE technologies to improve existing solutions, develop new products or provide new/enhanced services.


Following the assessment of the nine highest scoring business ideas, four teams were selected to submit a first version of their MVP (minimum viable product) by May 16.

The 4 top projects selected are:

  • GIL RMA – “In-seat food and beverage delivery APP”
  • AIDA – “I eat With Eyes – Bringing food Within everyone’s reach”
  • ARCHON – “Tele-control and tracking of Food Requiring Refrigeration During Transport”
  • DataRiver – “Food Health Monitor”



Mid May, the jury will assess the first version of the MVP and evaluate the eligibility.

In case the SMEs and / or the MVPs presented are not eligible, the jury will invite another team to submit the MVP of their business idea on the basis of the graded list.



In total, 4 eligible MVPs will need to be ready for the final event, which is planned for the 16th of June 2016. During the event, the selected teams will present their results, including the developed software implementation (e.g., a minimum viable product) to the jury.

In additions to the pitches, matchmaking and awarding, the event includes both the testimonials of the Italian SMEs winners of the Finish open calls and the point of view of farm and industrial associations and companies in the agricultural sector and ICT.

The event will be an opportunity for all stakeholders interested (e.g. SMEs developing ICT services, agri-food companies, software developers) to learn about the potentials of FIWARE technology and to be motivated to develop ideas/solution or make use of the presented solutions. Therefore, also networking between the participants at the event will be further facilitated.


Below you can find the programme of the event:


9:00 – Registration

9:15 – Opening & Institutional greetings

9:30 – FIWARE: what is it?

9:45 – Pitch: Presentation of 4 preselected MVPs and answering direct questions of the jury

– Pitch by each team (ca 5 Min.)

– Q&A by the jury (ca. 5 Min.)

10:30 – Testimonials: Italian PMI winners of the FInish open calls:

             Holonix (cold chain), Eostech (energy consumption), Meltindot (distributors for e-commerce), Enco (monitoring olive groves), Bisy (e-commerce 0 Km).

11.15 – Open questions and answers session with all teams to allow e.g. participating agri-food stakeholders, potential customers, and other software developers to ask questions

11:30 – Point of view of farm and industrial associations and companies in the agricultural and ICT sector

11:45 – Matchmaking & Coffee break

12:15 – Awards ceremony

12:30 – Closure

For information please contact the following email: i.giancaterino at