babbler – digitally seal and track your shipping containers

itude mobile babbler - a digital seal for shipping containersItude Mobile is an innovative company in the Netherlands that has created many innovative apps for logistics companies. Our team is expert in understanding, mastering and applying innovative IT to supply chains. In the past we have created real value for our local customers, and our product babbler will let us offer added value on a global scale.

Tell us more about babbler – digitally seal and track your shipping containers?

babbler_1The vision behind babbler is to allow shippers to follow their cargo as though they were next to it in person. By doing so they can make sure that the reliability, care and quality is on the same high level they are offering to their customers. Our customers, for example fruit and flower importers from oversea, are shippers that use a multi modal approach via road, sea or air.
babbler will give our customers clarity regarding:

  • When a container has been opened, during the entire shipment, end-to-end. This will help them to detect whether smuggling has occurred or not and bringing them into a customs green lane.
  • Temperature during shipment. This is essential to control the quality of the goods.
  • All shipment documents. No more searching in different systems or stacks of paper. All documents are easily avilable
  • Locations, where the container or load carrier has been.
  • In addition to electronic record keeping and reporting, automatic alerts which inform them, when suspicious or harmful events occur.

babbler - digitally seal and track your shipping containersAnd all of this is based on a flexible pricing model, which makes our service attractive for both small and medium sized companies.
Another new and innovative aspect of our project is that integrity-information, quality-information and documentation can be viewed during transport by all supply chain parties. Our product will allow farmers to follow the journey of their produce to their customers and immediately know, if there are delays or quality issues. babbler will allow carriers access to digital copies of import/export documents, which lead to savings of approximately €100 per shipment. The automatic alert system informs all parties about planning, quality or security issues, preventing the waste of perishable cargo.
Instead of expensive proprietary technology we will be using Bluetooth enabled smart seals and smartphone apps so that anyone in the world in any part of the supply chain can share and access the supply chain information they need.

How did you come up with the idea for babbler – digitally seal and track your shipping containers?

Most food that we consume follows a supply chain of anonymous carriers and officials. At the same time growers and consumers are becoming increasingly passionate about the quality of food. We believe visibility of information will add value to the supply chain, rather than contract negotiation over quality and integrity problems. We want our product to reduce waste, reduce paperwork and allow shippers to ensure that what is on your plate has the quality they expect.

How did you find your business partner for babbler – digitally seal and track your shipping containers?

Our first business partners were companies that we already did business with and had the opportunity to bounce ideas off. Loss of perishable cargo, delays due to inspections and risk of smuggling are headaches they deal with regularly. The babbler concept was born in conversations about their problems and verified during visits to logistic operation centers, ports etc. After an initial presentation about our concept our business partners were inspired by our vision and wanted to participate. Since receiving funding from FInish other parties have signed up for trials because of the value our product offers them.

Which FIWARE technologies do you use to realize babbler – digitally seal and track your shipping containers?

orion babbler - digitally seal and track your shipping containersWe quickly decided to use the Orion Context Broker and the Wirecloud web dashboard, because they are a good fit for our requirements. But after a even deeper look, we started now also integrating the PEP Proxy – Wilma and KeyRock. In a later phase, we plan to use Proton, the Complex Event Processor. Additionally we use JavaEE/Grails/MySQL to develop your server API’s, ARM Mbed and C++ for the embedded firmware, Swift for the iOS Apps and Java for our Android App.
Orion was clearly production ready from the start in June 2015 and we were impressed with the off-the-shelf features, but we had some issues in the first place with the Wirecloud, PEP Proxy – Wilma and KeyRock. That is why we also attended the FIWARE developers week in Brussels in March. In the meantime could we solve some problems, but for us is the FIWARE Lab still not stable and fast enough to run a minimal viable product on it. Therefore we had recently to move to Amazon EC2 servers.

What is your vision for babbler?

babbler - digitally seal and track your shipping containersIn 2020 our shipment based service will be used in 5% of the worlds estimated 30 million shipping containers, meaning an installed base of 1,5 million devices and 7,5 million shipments processed yearly. On a technological level we will be at the next level of long range networks. Right now we are using current standards (like Bluetooth LE) but undoubtedly by that time radio networks will be smart enough to localize and track shipments. This will impact both the hardware devices and the network, but not our smart and innovative service.
If you can not wait until then, we are currently doing some private trials for a number of companies. But we will start a public beta in Q1 2016. To use the application you will need to purchase some hardware, which will be available through our website If you are interested in doing a trial in the near future let us know on and we will get in touch.