First of all this is an exception and you need to provide a solid explanation, why you want to use this exception rule. Therefore it is highly recommended that you contact us ( to ensure your case is eligible. The exception rule is for cases, where your software solution addresses a large number of end-users, mainly end-consumers, at low costs. Therefore it is impossible to identify a single business partner able or willing to provide an in-kind contribution that could comply to the 5:1 principle. In such a case you need to provide, additional to the solid explanation, at least 5 to 10 signed Letters of Intent for Exceptional Cases of business partners, stakeholders or end-users that are willing to work as beta testers and support your requirement analysis.
If your solution addresses stakeholders in the supply chain, for example growers or retailers, this rule doesn’t apply for you. For further details please look also at chapter 3.2.3 of the Open Call document.