When planning your project and the related development efforts for realising the app, you can calculate with 100% reimbursement of person efforts (i.e. developer related actual salary plus employers share). On top of the personnel costs you can add some 7% of overhead that would also be reimbursed. Travel costs could be reimbursed if they are directly required for being able to realise the App development (e.g. travels to your business partner for requirements analysis, prototyping, test, validation, integration of the App under development). Also travels for dissemination and preparing exploitation of the App could be reimbursed. However, you would need to be prepared to explain the purpose and results. You could also ask for some consumables (e.g. printing of flyers that are presenting the App). We would not recommend to plan for equipment, since assuming a relatively short time period of the project, the time for depreciation would be expected too long. However, if you see an explicit need, please explain at sufficient detail in your proposal for enabling the external evaluators to assess the eligibility.