FI-PACOLO – Smart Food Delivery for the Last Mile

FI-PACOLO - Smart Food Delivery for the Last Mile bringxbringx – Logistics Matthias Brunner is a startup in area of last mile logistics. By combining modern time row predictions with up today research results in the transportation of perishable goods, the team want to improve the last mile distribution of perishable goods by predicting the temperature of the cargo and initiation counter actions, like additional cooling before the storage conditions reach the critical limit. Their project is called FI-PACOLO – Smart Food Delivery for the Last Mile

What are the main aspects of FI-PACOLO – Smart Food Delivery for the Last Mile?

The core idea is so simple. We place a temperature sensor inside the cargo and have it periodically broadcast the cargo temperature. Using IoT strageties, we collect the data in the cloud and assign the right data value to the corresponding transport order. This is not only done inside the warehouse but all along the transportation chain. Some data packages will get lost, but that is not a problem. With very data that reaches the cloud we can recalculate our temperature prediction and tell the driver or the transportation company when the cargo is in danger to reach to legal temperature limits, long before it is actually happening.

Is there something particularly that has inspired you?

A former colleague of us now runs a website for local agricultural merchandise. When we started out with our last mile logistics idea, we asked him how he runs his logistics. And we were amazed how well organised his supply chain is. The only thing, as he admitted, was not able with his approach is to fullfill customer requests on the same day as the order. The reason was not the time, but the need to opzimize the usage of this trucks. We were happy, because this was exactly the need we wanted to solve with our start-up.

What can you tell us about FIWARE?

FIWAREFIWARE is a great collection of useful open-source software. The temperature prediction is fully programmed in Java. That makes the implementation of FIWARE a lot easier.
We were surprised how many GE there are with similar functionality. For a long time we were looking for the right IoT tool. We started of with the Orion. After we read Orion will be discontinued, we took a look at its successor IoT Discovery GE, probably a great instrument but as it is seriously lacking documentation, we got frustrated. Only when our mentor told as about EspR4FastData, we also considered this GE, and we are amazed. It combines the complex event processing with the IoT data handling and a simple publish/subscribe functionality. Awesome. We have a winner!
We are big fans of FIWARE. We like the open source approach and there is a lot of potential in it. But somehow it seems to be so complex. Why? We believe that FIWARE urgently needs the feed-back from the end-user. That is why we joined the FIWARE Association. We think, they have the right approach.

And the future … as you imagine FI-PACOLO – Smart Food Delivery for the Last Mile in the next years?

In January next year, we will be able to present a prediction temperature sensor to the market. We will approach customers and make some first money. In five years, we hope to have found an investor that helps us to scale our product world wide.