FInish ECFI Challenge

The FInish Accelerator is funding over 30 projects that are developing new business applications for agri-food, logistics, transport and manufacturing. The related teams were selected in the scope of 2 open calls. Besides the selected projects, there was an amount of proposals that could not be taken into account for funding, due to the limited amount of available funds.
Taking into account the numerous ideas and motivated teams to realize innovative solutions and business models for the agri-food related business domain, FInish has started the

FInish ECFI Challenge

The FInish ECFI Challenge is an additional opportunity to specifically those teams that did not succeed in the FInish open call 1 and 2. Those teams could submit until October, 6th a reduced proposal to win one of five mini-projects with a funding of up to €25.000. After a first interal evaluation of the submitted proposals, the ten most promissing ideas are now invited to the ECFI 3 in Hamburg (Germany) to pitch their idea. The pitches will take place on November, 6th from 9:00 to 13:00 on stage 1 in the Inselparkhalle.

Winners of the FInish ECFI Challenge

The five teams, which have been selected by our jury, are the following:

AGRENIO PRO – Smart web & mobile app for rational use of fertilizers in the agriculture by Koutalou Ch. & Co, MATRIX Information Technologies (Greece)

Usually, farmers are cultivating more than one species. A farmer needs to consider a variety of parame-ters such as crop yield, availability of water and nutrients, and a range of site- and soil-specific factors to optimize the plant treatment (e.g. application of fertilizer, pesticides or irrigation). In particular, the calculations of fertilization needs are too complicated for a farmer. Thus, there is an opportunity for an ICT business to implement an easy to use application which can do the complicated calculations and offer to farmers easily concrete advices and suggestions about fertilization management for each field.

CHERRY-FI – Choose! And we will carry by the FIWARE Cloud Infrastructure by BISY Srl (Italy)

Perishable goods must be carried by cooled transports. That means that, in the perspective of a zero-kilometres initiative with several daily deliveries, are preferably small- to mid-sized vans made available and driven by individual owners or members of small haulier clusters. Normally these actors are already provided with proper refrigerated vans, but they are often far from using specific information system to support their operation. Thus CHERRY-FI will provide additional tools that make their behaviour suited to ensure the best transport conditions for those kinds of products.

COPIA RMS – FoodCloud Copia Resource Management System by FoodCloud (Ireland)

FoodCloud facilitates the redistribution of surplus food from businesses to charitable organisations within communities. Using our app or through our website, businesses like Tesco can upload details of their surplus food and the time period in which the food can be collected. Businesses are partnered with charities in their community, and this donation “event” triggers a text message to the partner charity, notifying them that the donation is available for collection within the time window. The charity then responds by text that they will collect the donation. If the charity is unable to collect the donation an alternate charity is a ranged, or where there is no alternate charity identified, the business is notified that no charity will collect the donation and they are clear to waste the surplus food.

CPA – Car Pool App for Local Food by Locafora Coöperatie U.A. (The Netherlands)

A growing interest in local/regional and urban food is recognized by consumers, companies and govern-ments because of social and environmental (foodmiles) reasons. Our solution for the fragmented market and accordingly the inefficient shopping for local food, is to create a Car Pool shopping App (CPA). By gathering the geo-location, time, size and content of consumer orders, CPA can provide intelligent car pool solutions. Based on these data, a consumer can pickup both his or her goods and the goods of other consumers and take them to their final destination. CPA facilitates consumption models and new lifestyles that embrace sharing economy principles.

ISTMOS – wIne STorage MOnitoring System by Active Social Networking (Greece)

ISTMOS will deliver a monitoring system for the most critical parameters (temperature, humidity and lu-minosity) that may affect quality of bottled wine during storage. ISTMOS will have the ability for real time data recording of the above mentioned environmental parameters and will create alerts when conditions are violating pre-defined values, by monitoring the conditions in the storage. Dedicated winery monitoring hardware units will be installed centrally and in every storage room of the winery. With the data from this units ISTMOS will ensure control of the storage phase, inform about problems during storage and assist in avoiding negative consequences of improper storage by indicating the trouble spots.


Here are some pictures from the FInish ECFI Challenge in Hamburg.

The other finalists of the FInish ECFI Challenge

These are other five teams, which have presented their solution at the ECFI 3 im Hamburg.

EFD – Electronic Farmer District by Optisoft Srl (Italy)

Electronic Farmer District (EFD) is a system which aims at supporting short food supply chain by deploying an effective, easy-to-use intermediation platform between producers and consumers (possibly organized into purchasing groups) able to support “0 Km” distribution market. Through the innovative grass-roots system producers and consumers will interact for reaching optimal demand/offer matchmaking, moreover they will leverage on innovative logistics distribution systems and advanced marketplace techniques to make easier and cheaper the accessibility to high quality Agri-Food products from local producers.

GooFruit Application by GooMobile srl (Italy)

GooMobile is going to develop an app for a mobile device and the related backend applications, to provide to end users the opportunity to be informed about products offerings especially for those near to the expiring date and to food retailers to publish flash offers, customized to the single consumer too. The backend application running on a FIWARE platform will store information about products and gather data from clients as preferred products and stores to provide a better and personalized advertising.

Open Food Information by Bioptima Oy (Finland)

Open Food Information (OFI) is a web service facilitating consumers to search food that is produced in accordance with their personal values. In particular, the solution is valuable for lifestyle and health sus-tainability (LOHAS) caring consumers. In OFI, consumers first define their values that may be related to various aspects of sustainability. After that, consumers are able to search for products that match these values as well as possible. This enables consumers to have true impact on the production methods in the food chains. Because LOHAS consumers are able to make choices according to their values, it benefits those chains that provide transparency and sustainability information about their production. Those chains will use information as added value for their food products and thus they are able to differentiate in the market.

OPTIFARM – Management system for agri-food supply chains by Optfarm Informacijske tehnologije, Gaber Terseglav, s.p. (Slovenia)

Optfarm is connecting all stakeholders in the short food supply chains (SCSF), large customers buying large quantities of agricultural products, agricultural producers that will batch their supplies, regional part-ners that will cover logistics and sales. Within the scope of the FInish mini project they are extending their system by a logistics support system for individual shipment, an invoicing module, a e-commerce shop and a mobile application for stakeholders.

Wine Control – Management of customers and suppliers of the wine world by Gpyo Ingeniería y Urbanismo S.L. (Spain)

Small wineries and wine shops have trouble managing their products and start your online sales. Wine Control will solve this issue. It will be a specific management system for the wine world, to help small businesses starting selling your products online, managing their inventory, customers and suppliers effectively. Addressing small businesses with limited staff, Wine Control will be an easy usable system, which doesn’t need a technical knowledge.p>