FInish on Tour at Fruit Logistica in Berlin

Fruit Logistica in Berlin is the yearly highlight for the whole fruit and vegetable sector worldwide. This year it brought together 2.891 exhibitors and more than 70.000 trade visitors from over 130 countries, making it the largest industry event in the history of the fresh produce trade with many innovative products, machinery, but also with a focus on IT since one of the big topics in the side conference was dealing with E-commerce for fresh produce.

FInish was present at the event with a stand to highlight the achievements of our projects, give them access to the fair and have a central meeting point for them to talk with potential investors and customers.


Focal event for the FInish project

The Finish projects generated over 600 unique contacts and 128 confirmed follow-up meetings. This was a great success and learning experience not only for  Babbler who stated that the sheer scope of Fruit Logistica allowed them to get quick, diverse and informal feedback about their value proposition and price model. Beneficial was also the possibility to validate their ideas against so many potential customers in such a short timeframe. Very active teams, media presence before and during the fair plus the support of Euro Pool System ensured a continuous stream of interested people at our booth. This mix enabled many good discussions and matchmaking between FInish projects and potential customers. Babbler and Tsenso presented their final products at the fair and prepared an exhibition item, which was presented at our stand.

 Finish Future Award

The highlight of the fair, at least from our perspective, was the prize giving ceremony for the FInish Future Award. The winners were selected by the German Fruit Trade Association and Euro Pool System International. Both companies are important players in the fruit and vegetable sector – the members of the German Fruit Trade Association cover 80% of the market volume of fresh produce in Germany and Euro Pool System is the European market leader for returnable packaging for fresh produce. The awards were presented to the winners by Dieter Krauß, president of the German Fruit Trade Association as well as Dr. Kurt Jäger, Managing Director Euro Pool System International (Deutschland) GmbH. For the winners of the Future Award, Sur+, Tsenso and Purveyance, it had been the second selection within 6 months, which shows that there is a particular interest from market leaders for these type of solutions. Read more in our news item on the FInish Future Award.

What did our projects say?

Hermann Wilhelmer – European IT Consultancy – “EITCo”: “The Fruit Logistica offered an excellent environment to meet key stakeholders from the business domain and to arrange meetings to discuss on how to integrate the developed FIWARE based solution.”

Gerald Eva – Purveyance Ltd – “Purveyance”: “Purveyance had an excellent Fruit Logistica show, winning the innovation prize was something that was both humbling and inspiring – thank you to the teams who made it possible. Our success continued to grow through the contacts that we had and the excellent reception of the project we are looking forward to the trials in South Africa and Central America which are the start of our business success.”

Philippe Rol – SurPlus – “Sur+”: “Fruit Logistica has shown the SUR+ team the magnitude of the fruit and vegetable sector and allowed us to speak to exactly those organisations that work on a significant scale and might be truly interesting for our project. However, we also noticed that, with our changing economy and pressing ecological situation in mind, there is an even bigger need for innovation than what we have seen in Berlin.” 

Vangelis Vassiliadis – Agrostis – “QIFresh”: “Overall participation to Fruit Logistica was very beneficial for Agrostis. We made important contacts that may generate concrete business. We learned a lot about the European and global market and competition. Finally we also refreshed our contacts and developed our relations with a large number of Greek producers (participants in the fair) who are potential customers of our products and services.”

Magnus Nigri – Bo Technologies – “Naaber”: “In an exposition like the Fruit Logistica, even if you have a stand; have a team and move around. Do as much intros as possible. Set up meetings with scheduled time is huge waste. Find relevant stands that are your target and move in! About 80% of them are interested very much in hearing how our pilot works in Estonia.”

Panagiota Syropoulou – Draxis: “Fruit Logistica was a great chance for our team to present and disseminate our turn2bio project. We managed to reach many potential customers and users who actually showed great interest to use the turn2bio platform in their everyday life. Many possibilities of creation of synergies with other FInish projects also arose. Thank you FInish!”

Branimir Rakic – Prospeh – “Foodko”: “Fruit Logistica showed just how strong and diverse the industry is, but also how it differs from country to country. As our model vastly depends on the awareness of the importance of buying local food, we have been really happy to find out that it is indeed a globally growing trend.”

Robin Puthli – Itude Mobile – “Babbler”: “The sheer scope of Fruit Logistica allowed us to get quick, diverse and informal feedback about our value proposition and price model. We would not have been able to validate our ideas against so many potential customers in such a short timeframe in any other way.”

Nikos Tsotsolas – Green Projects: “We had a great chance to discuss our idea with some of the biggest players in the fresh produce global market. Certainly a great experience and hope to participate next year as an exhibitor.”

Erik Mulder – LimeTri – “LogiSense”: “We learned a lot about the different needs of logistic companies which makes it easier to market our solution. With the number of new contacts that were made we can say it was a good experience for the LimeTri team.”