Fish Distribution Management System

MobicsMobics is a R&D intensive company, spin-off of University of Athens. It is located in the center of Athens in Greece. It is not exactly a startup but it repeatedly creates products and services that implement novel concepts with innovative technologies. We have a team of 10 competent developers and partners experts in their domains (mostly scientists and academic researchers). We are passionate to work in challenging projects with useful outcomes for the international market.

What is the idea of FiDMS a Fish Distribution Management System?

fidms-logoThe core idea behind the FiDMS, which stands for Fish Distribution Management System, is to develop an integrated platform for fish farmers of all types of aquaculture, as well as fish processing firms. This platform will enable them to manage their production, customers and partners more efficiently. Through our system, fish farmers will be able to monitor and operate their farm digitally and thus gain insight to their data and deploy optimal business strategies. Other common operations, like traceability will be also automated. We involve sensors and mobile devices where applicable, in order to simplify operations and reduce errors. And all of this in with flexible pricing model, which makes our solution attractive also for small and medium sized farmers.

How did you come up with the idea for FiDMS a Fish Distribution Management System?

We noticed that small and medium farmers did all their bookkeeping with paper or spreadsheet programs. This makes it quite difficult to put together all this data and extract further knowledge. Moreover, no automated decision support or monitoring solutions are available for them. Sure, there are some solutions in the market, but they target mainly larger aquaculture firms and are to expensive for smaller farmers. Therefore we teamed up with our partner Panagiotis Kapsis, who was already working in the domain of automated data capture and control in fish farms. Together we came quickly up with the idea to develop an integrated platform for managing most of the fish production and distribution processes.

Which FIWARE GEs are helping you to develop your solution?

Although we initially did not plan to use any FIWARE GE than the FIspace platform, it quickly became apparent that using the Complex Event Processing GE – Proton would give value to the platform, as well as help us implement specific features easier. We try to trigger automated warnings to the fish farm manager, by monitoring production and processing through sensors and mobile devices. We are currently experimenting with the Proton and we do not have big experience to “judge” it, but it seems quite easy to use.
Even before the FiDMS project started, we developed a FIspace application for greenhouses. Therefore we know most of the FIspace developer procedures and conventions. It really simplifies specific tasks in the product development process and, as it seems, it forms also a marketplace (something like a de facto standard platform) for the agrifood domain. This alone is very important for kickstarting your application and reach an initial audience easily. Some flexibility in messaging seems to be missing yet (e.g., multiple recipients of messages) but in general things work well!

What is your vision for FiDMS in the year 2020?

Our vision is that in a decade we will have a quite big penetration (e.g., 30%) in the Greek and East Mediterranean market, which is, by the way, the biggest in Europe.