Pijaca an online food market by mSoftOpera

Today we are starting a weekly blog post series to introduce the projects funded by the FInish Accelerator. Having the honor to be the first ones is mSoftOpera. mSoftOpera is a small company from Novi Sad (Serbia) that works on novel mobile and web based solutions. It engages few people with expertise in IT and agriculture, dedicated to bringing improvements in agriculture by introducing modern technologies. mSoftOpera aim to empower local agriculture and create healthy connections between the countryside (farmers) and city. Their innovative idea is to connect local food producers, local distribution services with the end-buyers by making online market place: “Pijaca”.

What is the vision behind your innovative idea?

We wanted to establish a “place” that meets buyers requirements and wishes for healthy, domestic “groceries” and the local producers. With our “intermediation” the buyer is sure what kind of product he is bying – local, healthy, organic, fresh fruits and vegetables or meat. The shipment is distributed to the local market, or the buyer himself can visit the producer and choose a product himself reconnecting with countryside. The shopping experience gets a new dimension, product quality is a must, freshness is the main benefit while the producer gets regular byers and the relations between seller/farmer and buyer becomes more human.

What inspired you?

Our company is situated in Vojvodina, agricultural province of Serbia, which gives us easier access to producers and better understanding of their problems and requests.
We wanted to “restore” traditional relationships between farmers and byers while trying to bypass the retailers and to lower prices as well. We all know that the taste of the fruits and vegetables or meat that we eat when we are at countryside feels much better… So we wanted to bring those tastes to the city and provide an opportunity for everybody to buy the food with verified quality that is prepared on a traditional way.

How does your service work?

Food producers and food consumers publish information about the availability of certain products and requests for home deliveries by using web application and mobile application. Information about the requests for home deliveries is distributed to the crowd subscribed to these type of events and interested in executing these deliveries (based on the context, mainly location and ability to deliver certain type or amount fruits/vegetables/flowers). FaaS platform offers the possibility to home delivery providers to install a location tracking devices on their vehicles.

How is your experience with FIWARE?

We have been at a FIWARE Developer’s Week in Brussels. We are using two FIWARE GEs: Publish/Subscribe Context Broker – Orion Context Broker and POI Data Provider. Our favorite FIWARE GE is the Orion Context Broker. We prefer it because it has well-defined APIs and because it is easy to use thanks to the fact that it is HTTP and REST-based. It is solving the issues of heterogeneous environments because different devices with different protocols access the Orion Context Broker and sending data in a unique way using a common data format (XML or JSON).

Where do you see your application in 10 years?

The best possible outcome of this project, for us, would be to see happy farmers and happy customers and healthy nutrition standards that outclass nowadays standards. In few years from now we see this as an opportunity to expand the project on the activities associated with agricultural production, for example: fruit and vegetable processing.
Additionally, we are hoping that, based on the good reputation and large number of well-performed transactions, this service will achieve its intended purpose: fully developed system of ordering in advance for the whole year (season). The system will enable producers to plan production based on orders, and customers will be calm and happy to eat healthy food.


In short

Food as a Service Moving food from the ground to the clouds and back

mSoftOpera d.o.o. (Novi Sad, Serbia)
Pijaca by mSoftOpera
FaaS is a cloud based, mCommerce platform that takes “software as a service” paradigm to the local food supply chain and enables creation of a “food as a service” (FaaS) model. It acts as a broker between small producers of perishable food (fruits, vegetables, flowers), local consumers and people providing. It combines social elements (buying from a known producer with community built reputation) with subscription based food market (subscribing to consumption of certain food of certain quality over a period of time), thus enabling confidence in the quality of the food consumed and reliable planning of production.

Addressed topics

Coordination of logistic services E-Commerce of perishable products Process organization, monitoring and tracking Product information for companies and consumers Production and distribution in a local and regional context Promote the awareness with respect to health & related risks Smart micro-logistics for individualized supply