Fresh.Point – smart collaboration for fruits and vegetables

ChainPoint Fresh.Point - Smart collaboration for fruits and vegetables Fres.PointChainPoint is a company based in three European locations, with headquarters in The Netherlands. It is specialized in software solutions and services that drive improved sustainability and quality in supply chains.
The company is the leading supplier of supply chain collaboration solutions, with many major brands relying daily on our technology to continuously improve product quality and sustainable sourcing initiatives. In the scope of the FInish Accelerator ChainPoint is realizing Fresh.Point – smart collaboration for fruits and vegetables.

Can you tell us something more about Fresh.Point – smart collaboration for fruits and vegetables?

Fresh.Point is a collaborative platform enabling members of the fruit and vegetable sector to conduct lab analysis and collaboratively share the results. A new phase in this technology is to leverage the capabilities in the Fi-Ware platform to introduce an early warning system for producers. The early warning system will run on smartphones and will issue alerts to producers when lab results indicate that produce falls outside of acceptance criteria.

What inspired you to design Fresh.Point – smart collaboration for fruits and vegetables?

ChainPoint Fresh.Point - Smart collaboration for fruits and vegetables Fresh.PointWe’ve long been aware that collaboration within supply chains delivers real quality and sustainability benefits. However we are also aware that such collaboration, which has to span many elements of a sup-ply chain, can be extremely hard to coordinate. We are specialized in supply chain collaboration and some of our existing partners in active supply chains have expressed a strong desire to have a more pro-active mechanism in place for monitoring and responding to non-compliances in terms of quality in fruit and vegetable chains. This has been the basis for our idea to develop proactive alerting technology which will warn producers that given batches of fruit and vegetables may be falling outside of the acceptance criteria of their retail customers.

How is your experience with FIWARE so fare?

ChainPoint Fresh.Point - Smart collaboration for fruits and vegetables Fresh.Point FIWAREWe are currently focusing our efforts on the Context Broker which we are using for persistence of alerts generated within the Fresh.Point platform. We have found the Context Broker quite easy to use and are very encouraged by the flexibility of the JSON payloads we can send to it. The Context Broker will be essential to our future vision of Fresh.Point where a high scale of alerts will need to be dispatched to the Context Broker in order to later be accessed to distribute to our smartphone app. We are using C# to push Fresh.Point alerts to the Context Broker and we are finding that the simple mechanism of issuing HTTP POSTs to the Context Broker is working very well under .NET code.

How do you imagine your project in the future?

Fresh.Point has already gained significant interest in the fruit and vegetable sector within Germany. The use of FIWARE technology to drive the next, very important, phase of proactive alerts regarding quality compliance will, we expect, gather even more interest in Fresh.Point. We expect that Fresh.Point will become a major international player in proactive quality control for the fruit and vegetable sector with collaboration spanning a large number of partners in many countries. We also envisage taking the Fresh.Point concept and applying it to other commodities in the run up to 2020. Although the initial focus may be targeted to food-based commodities, we may also consider expanding the concept to non-food commodities too. The prospects are very encouraging.