ISTMOS, the wine storage monitoring system by ASN

ISTMOS logo ASNASN has been founded in 2012, specializing in Web applications. The company designs, coordinates, and monitors several e-commerce platforms and has gained considerable experience in the area of recommendation and matchmaking. According to current customer demand, the company has entered the emerging market of IoT monitoring, in particular sensor based monitoring and data analysis.

The project team provides an interdisciplinary environment, with IT, management, business and agricultural expertise and long lasting experience with ICT applications for the agricultural sector.


What is your project within Finish?

Our project ISTMOS (wIne STorage MOnitoring System) delivers a monitoring system for the most critical parameters (temperature, humidity and luminosity) that may affect quality of bottled wine during storage. ISTMOS has the ability for real time data recording of the above-mentioned environmental parameters, and creates alerts when conditions are violating a combination of pre-defined values.


What are the main aspects of ISTMOS?

ISTMOS consists of two major parts, hardware and software. Our customers at the present stage of our solution are wineries, while at the next stages logistics vendors, wholesalers and retailers will be added. Besides alerting mechanism, a major customer benefit from ISTMOS is the acquirement of valuable information during wine storage which is combined with external data from wine chemical analysis for rules refinement and recording of inventory through a user friendly desktop and mobile interface. By having this kind of general (rules) and wine-specific knowledge, our customers can decide the extent and time to use heating, cooling and humidity control systems in order to save energy while they keep tracking of their products frequently by using RFID tags and antennas. Our solution offers reliable data at much lower cost than competition, while by its design and construction it is highly expandable and easy to get customized according to different kinds of needs.


How did you come up with the idea for ISTMOS?

People often refer to the Internet as “the virtual world”. We don’t share this feeling! We believe that Internet is part of the real world and when computers and networks are combined with sensors and actuators can offer a lot to every day’s life: help to save energy, improve safety of products, save the planet!


How did you find your business partner?

We were already cooperating with our business partner (cooperative winery of NEMEA) on a different level when we came with our idea, based on remarks from their side. They adopted it immediately and offered every possible assistance they could provide us. They expressed their feeling that our solution will not only help them cut wastes that happen due to improper storage conditions but also will offer them a great marketing tool.


Which FIWARE GEs are you using and how is your experience with FIWARE so fare?

We have used the Orion, CEP and SpagoBI GEs (FIware lab nodes) and we are currently moving the GEs to our Docker host infrastructure. In addition, we plan to add strong authentication functionality by using KeyRock, AuthZForce and PEP Proxy Wilma Usage GEs. There is no doubt that FIWARE is consisted of great tools and we are excited by using them, but we believe documentation of every GE should include more examples about their settings and use.


What is your dream for ISTMOS?

Our goal is the final consumer! Not only the wine enthusiasts but also everyone enjoying perishable foods and beverages. We are planning to expand the application domains of our solution by implementing mechanisms for highly customizable rules and offer robust hardware at the most affordable price. In addition, we plan to add self-learning capabilities to our alerting system in order to adjust complex rules by itself!

For more information on ISTMOS, please visit or watch their short video on youtube.