LogiSense by LimeTri, tracing your goods through the entire supply chain

limetriLimeTri is a startup with a no nonsense attitude and no nonsense products. To really provide added value to software you have to find out which processes and application standards your clients have with software and make a custom solution that fits their business activities.


What is the new and innovative aspect of LogiSense?

Essentially to show the businesses connected to LogiSense that the answer to their problems doesn’t depend on standard software provided by the usual companies. Most of these problems are custom made and don’t have one answer, which the software providers won’t comprehend. The companies connected to LogiSense can keep their software (usually contract bound) but will really cut costs if they are linked with LogiSense. It fills all the gaps that the software of the big companies can’t fill.


How did you come up with the idea for your project?

A family member who worked at a logistic company saw how much they’re losing on sloppy processes regarding order acceptance and planning rides etc. We thought the big software companies had fitting solutions for these problems, but after research it turned out they have not. Instead they close very expensive contracts with logistic companies who are then bound to a process of ad-hoc adjustments, which doesn’t solve the problems. To get to the root of the problem there has to be a work process-evaluation that can show all the weak links in the order chain. We did this, so we can provide a custom solution for the specific problems they are facing.


How is your experience with FIWARE so far?

We are not using FIWARE GE’s directly but use the Specific Enabler FIspace, which includes multiple FIWARE GE’s. We gained experience with FIspace as LimeTri was part of the FIspace consortium. In the development phase of FIspace some generic enablers lacked stability and bugs could take quite a long time to be fixed. What we have heard is that this has improved considerably. Still, as we had experience in FIspace and believe in its concept we have chosen the FIWARE SE FIspace as a basis to develop our solution on.


Are you using FIspace?

Yes, in fact, Timon Veenstra (our CEO) was the technical architect of the FIspace project and together with the other consortium partners built the FIspace platform. Our solution LogiSense uses the FIspace Platform to handle the message exchange between LogiSense and software solutions of other vendors. This makes our solution LogiSense flexible regarding the integration with other software solutions.


What is your dream for the future?

There will be a company build around LogiSense whit the main office somewhere in the centre of Europe (i.e. Frankfurt). From there a network of logistic companies in Europe will be connected to and managed by LogiSense.