Net Futures 2015 FIWARE Challenge

Net Futures 2015 FIWARE Challenge is a challange for SMEs, web-entrepreneurs and startups that use FIWARE technologies. In Total € 75,000 will be awarded to the winning projects in the scope of the Net Futures 2015 conference. The focus of this challenge lays on perishable products and specifically food and flowers in a wider dimension.

How to Apply and Prize Distribution

The process is divided into two stages. The first stage or call for ideas invites participants to submit innovative ideas for applications that can be developed using the FIWARE technology. Proposals (ca. 2 pages long) shall be submitted to the FInish accelerator until February, 16th 2015, using the following email address:

A template, further detailing the contents is available in the download section.

10 proposals will be selected by the Net Futures FIWARE Challenge coordination team until February, 25th 2015 and be invited to the conference. To cover at least the main part of the costs for traveling, accommodation and the tickets:

Each of the 10 selected proposals will get an initial prize of 1,500 when joining us in Brussels!

At the Net Futures 2015 conference, the invited teams will have some 1.5 days to finalise their application, prepare a presentation and present their application to a jury. Therefore, the selected teams can start developing in the end of February and join us on March, 25th 2015 at 09:00 in a dedicated space at Net Futures 2015 combined with coaching sessions and 1-to-1 collaboration with other FIWARE actors. After a presentation of their running software applications to a jury, the best five proposals will win a prize that is awarded at the final Net Futures 2015 plenary:

First place:
€ 25,000
Second place:
€ 15,000
Third place:
€ 10,000
Fourth and fifth place each:
€ 2,500

We reserved some additional € 5,000 to provide tickets to those that are not under the selected 10 best ideas, but would like to join the conference. In parallel to the challenge, we reserved some extra places enabling you to join the dedicated challenge space (i.e. first come first serve, as long as there are places) and talk to FIWARE experts to validate your idea and join the development session as well as benefit from planned coaching and networking potentials.

Further information is available in the download section and on the Net Futures 2015 Confernce homepage.

The FInish Accelerator is looking forward to read your proposal and meet you at the Net Futures 2015 Conference in Brussles!