Net Futures 2015 FIWARE Challenge

10 Teams – 10 Countries – 1 Challenge

In the final round at theNet Futures 2015 Conference 10 selected team can, with the help from FIWARE experts, work on their innovative FIWARE applications for perishable products and specifically food and flowers in a wider dimension. On the March, 26th they have to present their idea a jury to win up to € 25,000!

The Winners

Place Project Prize Country Homepage
1. InFoLog – Intelligent Food Logistics € 25,000 Italy
2. BONSUM € 15,000 Germany
3. RemiSense € 10,000 Belgium
4. Aerial Imaging by Drones and Analysis Services
on Cloud for Precision Agriculture
€ 2,500 France
5. iOHealth € 2,500 Serbia

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The Finalists

Aerial Imaging by Drones and Analysis Services on Cloud for Precision Agriculture by Wulka Drones (France)

Most agri-food companies that use scoring systems on crops mainly rely on human skills and its variable imprecision or inherent capacities. New solutions are needed to get high-quality, reliable and consistent data at a very high flow. However, analysis are always “one-shot”, the data collected is never reused because no platform is available to do so.
Precision agriculture by joining drones, high-resolution imagery, IoT and the Cloud enable development of new services and a new business model. Services will be provided through an advanced Cloud platform allowing B2B collaboration.
The platform will first run internally developed analysis and scoring tools, for precise, reliable and high-flow scoring, for early diseases and weeds detection, for virtual tours, and some more.

Food Stack by FoodStack (Romania)

Currently actors involved in food industry encounter problems like goods cannot be placed on the market, consumers with low financial resources cannot access fresh food, monitoring of food flow for reallocation of resources, waste of important resources for energy producers.
Foodstack is a hub for food industry. It connects the actors, it structures efficiently the food flow between them and it keeps the balance between production and consumption, reallocating food resources where needed.

InFoLog – Intelligent Food Logistics by ENCO srl (Italy)

A huge amount of diary food is wasted because of the lack of proper and precise logistic and warehouse management practices. A real-time monitoring system shall support timely intervention when a non-optimal parameter is detected and recalculation of the remaining shelf-life of the product. Proactive and corrective actions implemented by end users increase shelf-life, assure perishables quality and contribute to prevent and reduce food spoilage and waste, minimise CO2 emissions, and allow to define new model for warehouse management, starting from the end users’ needs.

Jemy by Deepak Bhatia


To support small scale food businesses and to encourage local food production and distribution a crowdfunding platform will be established for presenting “produce” campaigns for local food businesses. This marketplace helps farmers to increase their financial security and allow locals to consume local produce at affordable prices and in turn reduce the impact of food consumption on the environment by reducing the distance from farm to fork. By paying for locally produced food in advance locals help to fund sustainable businesses.

Intelligent fleet management by Seacon Europe Ltd. (Hungary)

The operation of vehicle fleets is sub-optimal due to the lack of relevant information, therefore there is an unnecessary load on the environment, costs are not optimised and safety issues due to unexpected events are not handled adequately. Plenty of information is generated during the operation of modern vehicles, but it is almost impossible to collect and analyse them. An existing fleet management system shall be extended by the features based on results of recent R&D activities, i.e. data collection from CAN Bus, improved communication protocols and enhanced data processing module using artificial intelligence (AI). The key to success on this market is turning data into practical information enabling to trigger reaction.
For the pitching it will be planned to use the Orion Context Broker to get and forward the data, the MongoDB to pre-store the data and CEP for Event processing. In the near future it would be very useful to implement the FIWARE WireCloud, the SpagoBI and tools for mobil features.
Based on our market experience and the feedback received from our current customers, we are convinced that our solution will answer the needs of companies where fleet management optimization is a strategic target of the organization; especially the needs of SMEs, leasing/car dealer firms and companies operating a highly diverse fleet.

RemiSense by Quality Cultures (Belgium)

Ensuring food products for family back home is one prime concern of diasporas working miles away from their home land. The envisaged mobile application helps members of the Eastern European Diaspora (feeder) to streamline their remittances by directly paying the bills of food products selected at a supermarket by their families back home (needer). The feeder can keep track of the real-time transaction and use of the remittance. This envisaged multiuser platform is scalable to other consumables and continents (such as Africa and South Asia), and can also be useful for intraregional migration.

ioHealth by CNM d.o.o. (Serbia)

We are finding more and more need to work out and eat healthy, take care of ourselves while struggling to find some spare time for it. On the other side, prices of healthy organic food are skyrocketing. To bridge that problem a new way of interaction and communication between growers/sellers and consumers is needed. Consumers can download the app to get a discount for changing their daily routine, e.g. walk an extra mile, take stairs instead of elevator, park their car and go for a walk. The app will remember that and next time users will get a discount for their favourite groceries.

BONSUM by Bonsum UG (Germany)

Bonsum boost the sustainable eco-system. We offer rewards for sustainable shopping through an online loyalty program, guiding the customer safely through the market of organic products with an incentive to shop right. This is combined with a transparent, rigid European data protection approach in a sector where personal data protection becomes more and more crucial to customers.

WJETS – Whole-Journey Experience of Internet Things through “Sensourcing” in Sensitive Goods’ Freight by SBOING (Greece)

Quality management presents a major challenge for transport, aiming not only to monitor the shipment’s condition for traceability purposes, but also to minimize the total value of damaged or destroyed goods during the transport. The envisaged solution, WJETS, presents a new paradigm in addressing such challenges by enabling transportable, consumable and perishable “Things” (IoT) to “tell” their whole-journey experience (WJE) from production to consumption, through the monitoring and collection of sensor data (called “sensourcing”) from all freight legs.
Each freight leg is monitored by a number of sensors installed in the vehicle and the transport conditions are recorded and associated with every transported product. Upon a delivery at a product’s final destination, its “experience indicators” are computed and made available to consumers, through a web-service, by simply scanning the item’s identification code on the shelf with a smartphone app. Statistics for “spoiled items”, improper handling practices and transport conditions, and other quality indicators are also made available to producers, retail shop owners and logistics companies through privileged accessible web services and subscription-based alerts.

Growd by eViti Slovenia

Small farms usually sell crops on local marketplaces or to larger food-producing companies. Customers, looking to buy organic or fresh food from small farms, usually know where a certain farmer is present at a certain day of the week, but don’t have any reliable information on what crops will be available during which day. A mobile application based marketplace enables farmers to schedule crops offerings according to their crop production and local presence timelines. On the other hand, it allows consumers matching of their fruit and vegetable purchasing lists with locally present farmers. The farmers get an expanded market reach, information about where the users with certain crops on the list are located, and cost-effective type of product advertisement, while the consumer benefit from a simplified access to the fresh fruit and vegetables from small farms.


1. Day (Wednesday, 25.03.2015)

From To Topic Speaker/Support
14:20 14:50 Welcome and Introduction at the Net Futures 2015 FIWARE Challenge FInish Accelerator
14:50 15:20 The Business Model Dimension in the Pitches FI Business
15:30 16:00 Application Prototyping supporting test, validation and demonstration iMinds
16:00 17:00 Individual coaching of teams FI Business & iMinds
16:00 17:00 Open workspace for individual work
17:00 17:30 Accelerator Pitches EuropeanPioneers, FABulous FI-C3, FInish, FINODEX, IMPACT, SmartAgriFood & SOULFI
17:30 19:00 Open workspace for individual work, coaching and direct talks with accelerators FIWARE Accelerators, FI Business & iMinds
19:00 Get together FIWARE Challenge Team

2. Day (Thursday, 26.03.2015)

From To Topic Speaker/Support
09:00 09:15 Stand-up meeting to organise the day FIWARE Challenge Team
09:15 12:30 Open workspace with individual offerings as required:

  • Final preparation of the pitches
  • Coaching by Finish accelerator towards 2nd open call for proposals and food & flower business sector
  • Matchmaking with accelerators and other FIWARE technology providers
  • Rehearsal of pitches
FIWARE Challenge Team & FIWARE Accelerators
12:30 14:00 Pitches of challenge participants FIWARE Challenge Jury
14:00 16:00 Break
16:00 17:00 Plenary to award the prizes of the Net Futures 2015 FIWARE Challenge FIWARE Challenge Team


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