PerishABLE a system to track perishable products

iLikeHolonix is an italian software company based in Meda, near Milan. Its core commercial solution, the “i-LiKe” (intelligent Lifecycle data and Knowledge) platform, is an advanced modular solution for companies who want to optimize the entire Product Lifecycle Management, increase the real and perceived quality, reduce costs and be more competitive in a market that demands high quality standards. i-LiKe is an essential tool in the integrated production management, regarding such areas like information management related to individual items and complete traceability, internal and external logistics, recycling of end of life products. i-Like can also be used remotely via a cloud infrastructure and integrates all of the most common and used management systems, improving the PLM strategies.
ENCO is a hardware and software provider experienced in the monitoring and control of temperature in real time using sensors system. ENCO is based in Naples, Italy and its uniqueness relies on the established expertise in calculating and defining the optimal foodstuffs’ shelf life to optimise the supply chain and achieve waste reduction. This strategic partnership will let us to become one of the best solution providers in the global logistic sector of food and other perishable products.

How did you come up with the idea for your project?

perishABLEThe PerishABLE idea comes from the need to find a solution to the huge amount of fresh food wasted because of inappropriate logistic and warehouse management practices of temperature and humidity sensitive products. Waste of foodstuffs, flowers, pharmaceuticals has a very huge negative impact on environment, wasting water and energy, increasing carbon footprint, besides of reducing profit for all the stakeholder along the perishable product chain. Therefore, we came together to design and develop an integrated system able to improve the quality of products, focusing on the transportation/storage phases.
Our very first idea was to integrate ENCO’s sensors system for the monitoring of real time data and the Holonix’s i-Like Platform as collector of information, to realise a complete digital representation of the product parameters offering a cost-efficient solution for our customers in the logistic sector.

What are the challenges faced by your project?

The PerishABLE project aim to develop and place on the market an innovative, efficient and adaptable technology, able to support supply chain logistic operators to track temperature and humidity parameters during the product transportation and warehousing. A system that sends alerts automatically to users on their mobile phone allows timely corrective actions on the specific shipping and pallet, reducing waste of time during the dismantling of the track. Our goal is to attain perishable food producers (Dairy, Fruits and vegetable, etc.), distribution providers, large super-markets logistics operators and Wholesellers.

Tell us something more about PerishABLE…

The i-Like platform will be the core system of the architecture. It is a strong tool to use within the project: it can register and store complex product data structures such as pallets and can trace the shelf life of the products. Thanks to an intuitive and easy to use user interface we can focus on more important architectural design parts such as data structures and communication. An Android based application will provide to active users such as truck drivers and operators a complete tool to monitor the status of the products and alert them in case of temperature sudden change or similar events. The i-Like platform has a RESTful API, providing elastic web services and end points to ease the process of data circulation within the various components. Furthermore we will integrate the system with FIspace and FIWARE generic enablers to provide to all the partners with accessibility functions and widgets to operate and extensively use the whole platform.

What are your strengths of your proposal?

Using i-Like platform we will be available to cover and monitoring all the logistic process and it will be possible to have with an easy app all the information on our device. We are working hard on the project, we believe in our solution in particular because is very easy to use and we have already a good integration with other management system (like SAP). We are available to collect information from different part (sensor, i-Like, other system) in the same system and edit it to fulfill our customers individual needs. We are also working hard on the commercial phase, to be close to the market and to replay in the best way to customer needs. The commercial network of our partners gives us a big opportunity for a strong market penetration in the next two years.
ENCO, our partner, has an high expertise in defining the optimal foodstuffs’ shelf life to optimise the supply chain and achieve waste reduction. We already worked together in the past, in order to study some technical solution in the logistic sector. Together we are able to provide a smart solution to monitoring the goods during the all life.

What is your dream?

We are sure to change the logistic model in agro food and perishable industry.We will be the only one available to offer a smart technology with an easy to use interface. We also linked our actual system with IoT development of the next year. Our target is to give a good tool for producer and logistic companies to increase quality and efficiency, but in the same time give a tool to final user to have a feedback of the real quality of the product (in particular fresh agro food).



Holonix s.r.l. (Meda, Italy)
PerishABLE an innovative temperature tracker
Perishable food need to be handled in accordance to its specific temperature and humidity, aiming at an optimal shelf-life to reduce waste, optimising energy consumption for correct transportation and assure the related product quality. PerishABLE system aims to be an integrated solution based on ENCO’s sensors system for the monitoring of real time data and the i-LiKe Platform as collector of information, in order to offer a complete digital representation of the product for improving storage standards, product’s quality and reduce product loss, in particular in transportation, which it is a cost-efficient solution for potential customers.

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