Purveyance – news from the field

The Purveyance team shares their progress on a regular basis with FInish. Below you can read all about their current status: 

Purveyance’s mission is to reduce waste in fresh produce supply chains. This month, the Purveyance team visited partners in two continents to bring our FIWARE technology to the international fresh produce community. Our first field visits were a significant success, and the team is proud of these accomplishments.

Our trial partners were not only impressed with the functionality but immediately recognised the business benefits for their organisation and their supply chain partners. Furthermore, it was evident that requirements to adopt the Purveyance technology (skills, processes, perceptions, etc.) were minimal and partners were confident that implementation would be successful. A fantastic outcome for Purveyance.

Our approach to waste reduction is to create efficiencies bropurveyance_1adly. For our target partners, we are on track to meet this goal; with a work scope of more than 1000 farmers, represented by a number of exporters and importers in a range of fruit varietiess.

We are excited to see the Purveyance platforms in operation with our trial partners. The photo on the left shows use of the technology in a warehouse. It was a fantastic feeling to see the years of hard work finally being used in the field.

As for the expected gains, client comments included “the method of quality assessment will improve processes and therefore influence waste levels” and “with Purveyance we will be able to reduce waste resulting from better compliance”.

We also received excellent feedback about the ease and design features – things that we attribute to the programming capability of FIWARE.
Purveyance is not just about the ability to deliver technology. Our grower visits reemphasised the challenge we must achieve; offering growers tools to assist them in achieving sustainability. Sustainability is about the development of people, equipment and technology to help stakeholders deliver better products and, more importantly, better lives to the farmers and their families.

purveyance_2Our philosophy of ‘collaboration over competition’ was reinforced when we met farmers young and old. For example, we met a gentleman who is 75 years old and has been farming sustainably for 60 years. He is still working his farm – unbelievable.

Even with some initial technology challenges, the project has been, on the whole, the best experience we could have hoped for. The challenges we faced developing the technology were easily fixed by the FIWARE support teams and most of the new technology issues we faced were also quickly resolved. This extreme dedication of our technology partners and the FIWARE support teams allowed us to fully develop the initial platform within nine short months. During that time, we had extremely helpful feedback from the FINISH management teams on improvements and functionality of our platform.

As a team we are extremely proud to deliver FIWARE developed tools that can support organisations and individuals to obtain greater returns from the supply chain. We are proud to be investing in the future of fresh produce and the people who operate in this industry. They are an inspiration to us.

For mre information on Purveyance, please visit www.purveyancesolutions.com.