Purveyance – Quality is the currency of fresh produce

Purveyance - Quality is the currency of fresh producePurveyance is a start-up which was built from the MBA thesis of Founders Gerald Eva. The company are passionate about fresh produce and want to make a quality reporting platform which will become a world standard. The aim is to use smart technology for the improvement of the quality of reporting waste and poor quality in the fresh produce supply chains so that better information can be passed to producers and they can minimize waste and get better returns back to farm.

What is the core idea of Purveyance – Quality is the currency of fresh produce?

Our solutions will benefit all stakeholders of the fresh produce supply chains. By having better quality data all stakeholders can work together to improve the waste reduction possibilities within the fresh sector leading to better quality for the consumers and better returns and reduced risk for the producers.

What are the main benefits for your customers?

We believe that we can help the producers grow and pack a better product for their markets using data drive reporting for better decision making. As having being a farmer, exporter and importer our team knows that there is a need for better systems of quality improvement which adds value to all the stake-holders. We believe that with the purveyance tools our customers can improve quality and save money through less waste being generated and better efficiencies win the supply chains.

Can you tell something about your business partner?

We have 2 partners, Agrofair and Core fruit, which are both forward thinking companies with a passion for the supply chains that they represent. When introduces to the purveyance platforms both were delighted to support and trial the platforms capabilities with their producers base. Getting good quality reporting is essential for the waste minimization and both companies are always looking for better solutions to this industry wide issue.

Which FIWARE GEs are you using?

Purveyance - Quality is the currency of fresh produce Cosmos FIWAREWe’re using FIWARE GEs together with PHP to create an app that makes use of BigData (Cosmos) to store and aggregate pallet information (build reports for waste) and is also using Orion’s subscription functionality to address the events that are of interest to the farmers. Using FIWARE also creates an environment we’re going to use in a second phase of our product, to acquire data from different sensors into Orion Context Broker.

How is your experience with FIWARE so fare?

Purveyance - Quality is the currency of fresh produce FIWAREFrom our initial perspective, and plan as well, something changed once we attended the FIWARE Developer Week in Brussels, and we mean by that in a good way. We found answers to questions and mentors willingly to help clarify some aspects of this bunch of technology. Overall the experience with FIWARE was positive and the biggest challenge was to accommodate with the philosophy behind this framework and the lack of structured help. Once these were covered, we realized its potential.
There is one particular tool we found easier to work with in comparison with the open-source tool: Cosmos. We had some experience in the big data world (MongoDB, Apache Cassandra and HBase) but we found the implementation of Hadoop very easy to work with.

Are you using FIspace and what do you think about it?

We’ve created one widget for FIspace that presents, for a given month for a given fruit the waste report. This is helpful for our customers as they can see if their waste is lower or higher than what’s in the indus-try – this brings a high value to them because they can see how others are doing, something they’ve could not do until now. We enjoyed working with Wirecloud, being familiar with JavaScript and HTML was very easy to develop the widget – but not to forget to mention, the clouds scattered when we attended a webinar explaining the do’s and don’ts of the structure. We plan on having other widgets built and published on FISpace, to display more of the information we gather and aggregate using Cosmos.

Where will Purveyance – Quality is the currency of fresh producebe – be in the year 2020?

In 2020 we aim to be the standard of quality reporting for the fresh produce industry. We hope that we will be able to minimise waste on a global scale and improve the cost of return to growers all over the world. Our solution will hopefully significantly reduce much of the food waste that we are seeing in the western world today. With fresh produce waste being around 30-50% of the total produced volume – we hope that we can contribute to a more sustainable world through better quality management.