Quality Inspection app for fresh fruit and vegetables

agrostis QIfresh Quality Inspection app for fresh fruit and vegetablesAgrostis is a Greek IT company founded 3 years ago with the vision to design, develop and market quality and competitive IT and automation solutions for the Agriculture domain. Agrostis focuses only in the Agriculture domain and its founders have a combined experience of over 40 year in both the Agriculture and the IT industries. Agrostis strategy is to leverage the latest technology development in ICT (cloud computing, mobile devices, geo location and tagging services, Internet of Things) for the development of high added value solutions for Agriculture. This is especalliy true for QIfresh a Quality Inspection app for Fresh fruit and vegetables, which they are developing in the scope of the FInish Accelerator.

So, how do you came up with the idea of QIfresh – Quality Inspection app for fresh fruit and vegetables?

Agrostis is actively looking for solutions that solve real problems and make existing business processes and agriculture tasks better, faster and more efficient. Agrostis is already marketing ifarma, an integrated cloud and mobile farm management information system, that offers distinct collaboration features between farmers and their agronomists. The idea for QIFresh came from discussions with prospective customers about their pain points and on what they would really need from an IT solution. Based on one of the real business needs our partner Novacert – one of the biggest agricultural consulting firm in Greece – has, Agrostis came up with the idea for QIFresh – Quality Inspection app for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Tell us more about QIfresh – Quality Inspection app for fresh fruit and vegetables!

QIfresh Quality Inspection app for fresh fruit and vegetablesQIFresh is a collaborative innovative app for the quality inspection of fresh fruits and vegetables. Quality inspections for fresh fruits and vegetables are ordered by retailers to be executed usually by third party inspection agents on supplier premises or shipment/load points. The app automates the quality inspection process enabling easy planning, precise execution and automated reporting. The process of ordering, planning, executing and reporting is automated via a workflow. This enables a better and faster communication and collaboration between the involved parties (retailers, suppliers and third party inspectors) with less errors. QIFresh supports European standards and guidelines for the marketability of fresh fruits and vegetables. So the users can be sure that both their load and the quality inspection reports meet standard requirements.
Additionally the execution of the quality inspection can be customized and tailored. Via the use of customized quality inspection templates the retailers’ specific requirements can be meet. On the inspector side an easy to use mobile app enables on the spot, real time capture of the inspection properties along with photos of the products, packaging and labels.

Where will QIfresh be in the year 2020?

qifreshOur vision is for QIFresh to become the industry standard and the reference application for the Quality Inspection process for Fresh Fruit and Vegetables – The SAP for the Quality Inspection business. Therefore we are working hard on realizing QIfresh with the help of FIspace. A first demo website is avilable on https://qifresh.agrostis.gr/. A working demo will available in the coming weeks.

And how is your experience with FIspace so far?

Wirecloud_v5We use FISpace extensively for building QIFresh. We use the FIspace B2B collaboration engine to implement the collaboration features of QIFresh and the workflow of the quality inspection process. The QIFresh App frontend is being developed as a set of WireCloud widgets. WireCloud is our favorite GE. It allows you to develop industry standard User Interface (developed in HTML/JavaScript), you can use any framework you like and on top it offers really simple and comprehensive mash-up features. The QIfresh app will define capabilities and business process that will be executed via the B2B workflow engine, while the backend will provide the app’s business logic and storage functions through REST API services. QIFresh will be secured in FiSpace’s IDM – Keycloak and will be provided through the FISpace Store.
Agrostis has attended many webinars on FISpace and also the Net Futures 2015 presentations. Honestly our experience is mixed. While some components work smoothly (e.g. WireCloud and the platform) with others, and especially with the B2B collaboration core, we have difficulties understanding their run-time semantics. Others such as Keycloak and Store come with the usual technical issues any IT product has. But the FIspace technical and support team does a great job in resolving these and reply to our questions!