Results of the Second Open Call of the FInish Accelerator

The long expected results of the Second Open Call of the FInish Accelerator are finally available. But before shortly introducing the selected ideas we want to thank all applicants for such a huge amount of good proposals. We would loved to found nearly all of them, but unfortunately we are only able to fund a limited number of projects. At the same time this does not imply that not selected ideas are bad. There were just some ideas which were evaluated higher by our external evaluators. Therefore, if you not got selected we would like to encourage you to not stop your efforts, but to investigate other opportunities to realize your idea in collaboration with your business partner(s). To further support you we are currently planning a special opportunity for all those that submitted a proposal but could not be funded by the Second Open Call of the FInish Accelerator. There will be a dedicated challenge for you during the ECFI 3, the European Conference on the Future Internet, in November 2015. The idea is, that the five winners of this challenge can realize their idea as a smaller project. Smaller project means on the one hand a clearly lower budget but on the other hand the full support of the FInish Accelerator and the FIWARE community. We think this is a promising opportunity for you to get started with your idea and maybe to acquire some additional funds.

The selected ideas of the Second Open Call of the FInish Accelerator

And now we are finally coming to the 19 best ideas, which will receive funding from the FInish Accelerator. We are looking forward to work together with you and make your idea becoming a FIWARE success story!


eostech srl (Italy)

INTOFOOD is an intelligent system for the agri-food supply chain management from farmers to consumers


Eton Digital DOO (Serbia)

Social marketplace and knowledge sharing platform connecting organic food producers with consumers

Food Safety Issue Monitoring Dashboard

European IT Consultancy EITCO GmbH (Germany)

The project aims to provide a single point of contact to companies in the consumer product and food industry where they can monitor, analyze, and react on both public and internal information that are vital for their existence and business cases.


FreshPortal Software BV (The Netherlands)

The fact that SME flower growers are now able to offer their products to the world marketplace of flowers by using our free FlowerTPI APP is on its own extremely innovative and will have a disruptive influence on the market.


GFG Avantgarde mbH (Germany)

The CoopLog is going to establish an interactive and innovative ordering platform.

Fresh Produce Trade App

Green Projects SA (Greece)

Consumers’ knowledge and awareness for inexpensive and high quality fresh products have created the need to design more efficient supply chain procedures in the agro-food sector. Towards that direction our proposal deals with the design and development of a B2B trade application concerning the trading, mainly exports, of vast quantities of fresh produce, which will effectively support the brokering operation between traders and producers, as well as the logistics functions of such transactions.


GrowAbric (Belgium)

FOOODER is a mobile app similar to TINDER, but for fine food products. Mobile app users discover fine food products nearby their location.


Holonix (Italy)

A solution to improve awareness of consumers an producers and support logistic of high quality food.


Invivo GmbH Institute for trace gas technology (Germany)

An innovative time series analysis to predict shelf life of perishable products (flowers) throughout the logistic chain. This new software tool can be used by cooperatives and producers to improve the product quality and their logistic processes, reduce energy consumption and waste.


Itude Mobile BV (The Netherlands)

An end to end, smart sealing and quality monitoring of containers in the supply chain.


LimeTri BV (The Netherlands)

LogiSense is an app based on the Fiware technology which implements the complete supply chain dataflow by integration of the local order system and transportplanning system with mobile sensorsystems and lightweight mobile registration apps through the LogiSense platform.


ME Engineering M2M GmbH (Germany)

SpediVision is a data management system for sharing information on transports and sensor information from trucks with transport service providers, customers and their suppliers. SpediVision will enable the provision of near to real time information between those three parties.


Meltin’Dot srl (Italy)

A Food Pick-up Box.


Mobics SA (Greece)

The FiDMS system is a B2B platform for aquaculture companies. It provides a set of apps for simplifying collaboration regarding distribution of fish between fish farmers and their clients/partners. It captures demand for fish and matches it to fish production schedules.


Nissatech (Serbia)

Closed-loop real-time analytics in perishable logistics as a Service.


Ponika, Research and Development, Ltd. (Slovenia)

Smart and scalable web-based aquaculture and aquaponics management and optimisation solution.


Prospeh d.o.o. (Slovenia)

Collaborative consumption platform for perishable food supply chains.


Thauris (The Netherlands)

Intelligent food safety control by better quality control through business intelligence and analytics.


Upcom Ltd (Greece)

The project to be developed stands for the “Fish Direct Purchase & Traceability”, acknowledged as “FerTility”.

The results of the Second Open Call of the FInish Accelerator

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