Technical Support

The FInish Accelerator will support software developers in realising Apps using FIWARE Generic Enablers or the FIWARE Specific Enabler FIspace.

In the FIWARE program support materials have been developed that can be used to develop new apps using FIWARE. This page will provide an overview and shows what materials can be found. For more background information about FIWARE and FIspace please download our document: Consolidated FI Architecture for Perishable Supply Chains.

Support by FInish

  • FInish has, in collaboration with the other accelerators FRACTALS and Smart Agri Food, set up a Technical Frequently Asked Question website.
  • This website provides answers on common technical questions related to FIWARE including FIspace.
  • This website will be updated regularly and can be found on

FIWARE Support by the FInish Accelerator

  • An innovative, cloud-based infrastructure for cost-effective creation and delivery of Future Internet applications and services.
  • Driven by the development of an Open Source reference implementation, which is public and royalty-free.
  • Based upon a series of elements (called Generic Enablers) which offer reusable and commonly shared functions serving multiple areas of use across various sectors.
  • Providing powerful but user-friendly APIs for the quick development of new smart applications.
  • A central catalogue of ready-to-use FIWARE components is available on
  • A e-learning platform is available on
  • A dedicated FIWARE F&Q page can be found on
  • A lot of answers to common questions can also be found on


FIspace Support by the FInish Accelerator

  • An extensible SaaS-platform facilitating multi-domain business-to-business collaboration.
  • Enabling a seamless collaboration in open, cross-organizational and multi-national business networks.
  • Operating as an intermediate layer on top of the FIWARE Generic Enablers.
  • Providing developers with plenty of components (like an extensive security, privacy and trust framework or “connectors” for legacy systems, Internet-of-Things and 3rd party services).
  • Further information is available on
  • Information for developers is available on
  • The latest status of features implemented in FIspace are listed on

FIWARE Lab Support by the FInish Accelerator

  • FIWARE LAB is a free experimentation environment, based on OpenStack, where you will find global GEi instances already deployed, or have the possibility to deploy your own dedicated instances.
  • Information about the FIWARE LAB can be found on


If, after searching the websites, you did not find an answer on your question please send your question towards: