The FerTility project by Upcom brings together the fish producers and the consumers.

upcomUpcom is a dynamic Information Technology company that provides Enterprise Applications, Mobile Solutions and IT Support. It is located in Athens. It is not conceived as a start-up but it utilizes the scrum methodology in the development of the software applications. Upcom’s specialty is recognized in having an increased capability in analyzing business requirements and transforming them into software applications, even in business areas and domains never addressed before. Having developed several custom software applications in various business domains and with diverse technologies, Upcom is envisioned to keep on participating in challenging projects.

The company participated in Finish call with FerTility project.


What are the main aspects of FerTility project?

The core idea of the project is to bring together the fish producers and the consumers. The latter will be able to reach the supplier of his choice and select the form of fish he wishes, make an order, get it in a predefined area and get aware through a mobile application of traceability data as well as of the quality of the fish product ordered. Time temperature sensors will record the temperature of the fish throughout the delivery to the consumer. Producers and consumers are the main customers of the project that will no longer be isolated. More specifically, the main benefits will be the direct access of customers to fish producers, the guaranteed quality monitoring and traceability, ability to choose from a wide selection of farmed and captured fish, ability for the producer to by-pass through the FerTility platform the intermediaries and sell the product to the consumer. The new and innovative aspect of our project is the accomplishment of fish direct purchase and the guaranteed quality features, through temperature monitoring as well as the opportunity to the consumers to select from a wide selection of farmed and captured fish.

 Is there something particular that has inspired you?

Upcom knows the company NAYS Ltd which is active as a consultant and technical advisor in the fields of environmental and spatial planning studies, fisheries and aquaculture (see In the framework of discussions between the 2 companies, the idea emerged as there is a need for fresh seafood from a reliable source and with a proven record of freshness and traceability at reasonable prices.

Can you tell us something about your business partner?

NAYS Ltd clientele includes numerous well known private sector companies in the area of aquaculture and fisheries. PLAGTON SA is a dynamic SME that has been engaged in several innovative projects at national and international level.  PLAGTON S.A. gives great emphasis in the research and development of novel products and services and has undertaken and participated in many national and international research projects funded by Greek Government and the EU.

Therefore, PLAGTON SA was a suitable business partner as it has a high ecological consciousness and understands very well the links between nature, science and business development.

The owners of PLAGTON have a personal relation with the personnel of NAYS Ltd. Their first reaction was positive as in the past they tried to initiate retail services and the distribution of seafood in western Greece. The idea of a platform was very attractive as one member of the Bokas family, Alexander, has studied informatics. So this project seemed to be the ideal hint for the initiation of the idea and its implementation.

How is your experience with FIWARE so far?

For the time being we have been using the WMarket to implement the e-commerce application. As development goes on, the following generic enablers will be used; PepProxy for the authentication and AuthZForce for the authorization, Orion Context Broker for subscribing/publishing of events generated by mobile application, CEP for the processing of events, Spago BI for reporting functionalities. Up to now, no problems have been identified concerned with FIWARE enablers. We did not attend the FIWARE developer’s week but self-trained through the site ( PHP, MySql, Java, Angular framework and Apache Cordova have been used up to now.

Regarding Fispace, until now it has not been integrated in our solution. It is envisaged to be used as a collaboration platform for the stakeholders and be run by the business partner.

 And regarding the future … how you imagine your project in the next years?

Having in mind that the fish sector has minimal sales through e-commerce, our vision at first is for our platform to grow and meet consumer’s demand in our country. Afterwards, our dream is to boost an acceptance of the platform over the region of Greece. By solving the genuine problem of isolation of the fish producers and consumers we envision to engage as more stakeholders (i.e. consumers, producers, transporters) in the FerTility solution as possible. Moreover we envision to support the locality with consumers being able to control the quality as near-by producers will offer a better quality compared to more distant producers or from farms and fishers abroad.