The ‘Hack Food Waste’ hackathon


FInish participated in the Hack Food Waste, which took place in Eindhoven on October 17th and 18th during the Dutch Design Week. It was a 32-hour hackathon with more than 150 participants: from hackers to farmers, designers, and civil servants. In total 14 interdisciplinary teams have worked on specific food waste related challenges. FInish supports participants to translate prototypes developed during the hackathon into in a proposal for one of the our Open Calls.

The hacks resulting from Hack Food Waste were presented before a jury whose members included: Roald Lappere (Ministry of Economic Affairs), Elies Lemkes-Straver (ZLTO), Krijn Poppe (LEI Wageningen UR), and Ruud Huirne (Rabobank Nederland). The winner of Hack Food Waste 2014 is Sur+. They tackled a challenge for the foodbank in the Netherlands that has a shortage of food for the 85.000 people they provide to weekly. The second price was won by Tradewise, a solution based on an online system providing expertise that makes it possible for farmers to reduce surplus food waste, and avoid loss of revenue. The third prices was De Bullenbak, which is a smart-bin which can register what and how much you throw away to stimulate consumer awareness about food waste.

The presentation held by Krijn Poppe (Wageningen, UR) can be found in our download section or via this link.

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