TRACE – Connecting agricultural producers with customers

panonit TRACE - Connecting agricultural producers with customersPANONIT is a Serbian company for research, development and small scale production in the field of information technologies. PANONIT’s products include microclimate remote-sensing equipment and applications for precision agriculture. Founded by professors from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia, PANONIT is today an innovative SME employing more than 20 engineers in two locations – Italy and Serbia.

What is TRACE – Connecting agricultural producers with their customers?

TRACE is a web platform connecting agricultural producers with their customers. TRACE initiates a business-to-business (B2B) interaction between them, guided by the actual real-time and historic production data. Using the TRACE platform, agricultural producers can make the conditions in which their products grew public. So they share them with their customers, be it wholesale merchants, retailers, or end-consumers. In addition to product traceability and growth-conditions monitoring, TRACE supports sales and ranking of products and producers in terms of reliability and quality. This creates a win-win situation. Producers achieve higher prices and buyers have better information regarding the quality of the goods.

How do you came up with the idea for TRACE?

panonit TRACE - Connecting agricultural producers with customersPANONIT has with the PanSense system already a micro climate weather station. But we wanted to somehow use this powerful tool and extend it beyond the area of precision agriculture. We soon realized that microclimate weather stations can be used as a new factor during the price negotiation process. By agreeing to display the conditions in which the farmer’s crops grew, he has the chance to convince people why his products are superior in quality and therefore justify his higher prices.

How is your experience with FIWARE?

We are currently using Wirecloud, Orion Context broker, PeP proxy and KeyRock. We have encountered some problems in the beginning because there simply isn’t enough documentation and we had to post a lot of questions on sites such as stackoverflow. But now we are really pleased with the simplicity of PeP proxy, it’s such a lightweight tool that seamlessly secures the usage of context broker.
Furthermore we are also going to deploy all three of our widgets in the FIspace store, so the users can purchase them and use them directly within FIspace.

What do you want to achieve with TRACE?

Our dream is to change the paradigm of produce price negotiation and introduce the most important factor of all: Under what conditions did this crop grow?. We hope that this way of price setting will stimulate a better crop growth and thus create a healthier environment.