Tsenso, what’s next after FInish?

As Tsenso’s adventure with the FIWARE FInish acceleration programme was coming to an end, they were looking for more investment to come true, so that they could work on their market penetration. On May 27, 2016, they submitted their pitch application to the Pirate Summit and were selected for the second round in Berlin, and pitch in front of small audiences on June 1, 2016. During the Pirate pitch Tsenso won the best pitch contest, met Metro Accelerator officials and had great time with them. Metro Accelerator was looking for food tech startups for their next acceleration program. After a long selection process, tsenso made it into the METRO/Techstars accelerator 2016. This is their #myFiwareStory. The moral is: never leave any stone unturned as you never know when and where you will find pearls.