meltindotMeltin’Dot is a software development and application management company creating solutions for agriculture, logistics and manufacturing operations. It’s located in Milano (Italy).
People working in Meltin’Dot are all graduated in Mathematics and Physics and bring with them a unique forma mentis coming from science and applied to business.

Tell us something about your innovative idea of WePick

Have you never missed the delivery of a parcel bought online since you were not at home? Or wasted your time in waiting for the courier? Have you never asked parents or neighbours for receiving your parcels since you are not at home during the day?
WePick offers you a network of collect points where parcels are temporarily stored and where you can pick them when you want. The storage units are smart lockers that are cooled if you need them for your perishable goods.
It’s easy!

  1. You order your items and select where to pick them in a list of WePick points
  2. When the e-store delivers the items to the WePick point you receive an unlock code
  3. You pick the items when you want using the unlock code
What are the main benefits of WePick?

Picture 5 - UIWe want to contribute to free people time and we do it by simplifying the delivery workflow and reaching people in their public places where they move, work, do shopping, etc.
Thanks to WePick you are no more dependent from the delivery timetable and goods are well stored until the picking.
And if you are an online grocery store you get your delivery costs cut up to 90%, you are indipendent from end user presence at home and you can deliver at any time (e.g. in the night).

Which FIWARE GEs are you using for WePick

orionWePick points are a collection of lockers. Each locker is an IoT device sending data to Orion through IDAS and an IoT adapter.
For data persistence on a MySQL database, Cygnus / Flume plugin for Orion is used.
KeyRock is used for human users profiles & roles and SW modules identities. It also provides OAuth authorization framework for communications between software modules. The business logic and the web application is implemented using the PHP Symfony framework.

How is your experience with FIWARE so fare?

This is our third project supported by a FIWARE accelerator. We are also working with FIWARE in other three IoT projects outside the FIWARE program. In short, FIWARE is becoming a pillar of Meltin’Dot solutions. That’s why we decided to have our own FIWARE installation with all the GEs we need running on our servers. It took time and required a lot of efforts but now we have a solid basis for all our projects.

What are your ambitions for the future?

We expect to be the backbone for deliveries of e-grocery stores and have a network of WePick collect points in all European countries.
Our promise is Everywhere you will buy online, you will find a suitable WePick point near to you.