Xpatron, the new approach to supply chain logistics by ME Engineering M2M

ME Engineering M2MME-EngineeringM2MLogo GmbH as a company was founded in 2013, but the team has been working together in the field of telematics since 2006. They already started to create the mother of logistic platforms when other just started to think about their single solution platform. The team creates information by matching data for a growing market, the logistic market and all its stakeholders.


What is the idea/goal/vision of your project within FInish?

The idea was to provide rock-solid telematics solutions around the transport & logistics world and connect those to lowest common denominator: the order.
The idea of xpatron is to display that order for the whole supply chain from one end to the other end, between shipper, carrier and recipient in the most transparent and convenient way. Using the xPatron, our customers are able to create new business models with their customers and cut their costs for sharing information dramatically (70% less phone calls) as well as protecting their assets.
The new thing about our platform is that we combine transport orders with telematics data from various third party sources and present it to the involved parties soon as they are available.


Where did the idea for the project originate from?

Sometimes you just have to listen to your customers and partners 😉
The world is running new smart devices every day, but in the end we still have orders. It doesn’t matter if the order is created by people or machines.
To be honest we were looking to bring more efficiency in market, to reduce empty trailers on the road, to reduce carbon. This is why we came from a smart grid energy project to logistics and its impact on nature.


How have you experienced working with FIWARE?

FIWARE GEs are used to persist, distribute and monitor our tour contexts. Orion Context Broker together with Proton is doing an excellent job providing these important building blocks. We are developing on the Java Virtual Machine, using the Java language as common ground – mixed with a pinch of Clojure.


What does your future look like?

By 2020 we want to handle 1 million transport assignments with xpatron and we want to be represented in more than 5 european countries.
For more information, visit http://www.xpatron.de